Thursday, October 20, 2016

It's amazing how every now and then life throws an unexpected curve ball in your way ... you know nothing big just a Gun Run or so!

Well, this past weekend I finally caved and agreed to do the 5km Gun Run with a friend of mine (nothing huge I know, but huge for me). You see she has been trying for a year to get me to participate in these fun run / big walk type of events and I honestly have been unable to ... that is until Sunday.

It all starts with a bang!

Now on any normal given Sunday I would be up at 6.30am but this Sunday I was being fetched at 4.55am ... yes, you read correctly. Some of our friends were doing the 21km's and yet others the 10km's and we all had different kick off times which made for an early morning start.

Panic set in as my alarm went off at 4.30am and the heavens decided to open full force unleashing buckets full of water ... this did not bode well for our Gun Run. Luckily I am the kind of person that wakes easily and is not groggy for hours, unlike my friend who pitched up semi-conscious to collect me, we drove in relative silence for the first half an hour.
I was ready with my Nike Free 3.0's and my sunblock smeared on and off we set. I set a fast pace and we managed to maintain our momentum with Estie taking a little strain (thank you ABC Boot Camp ... my training paid off). It turned out to be a beautiful day and my friend and I managed to power walk (aka me dragging her the last km) the 5km in just 50 minutes ... again not spectacular but great for us.

All in all, I learned that you can actually do whatever you set your mind to despite the odds and that with God at your back ... giving up is not an option.

What have you done to challenge yourself this year?

I am signed up for THE GRIND (Rapid Grind) and am looking forward to what I hope is the first of many obstacle courses.

Come on, get moving you can do it!

Friday, October 14, 2016

I don’t know when exactly the change happened in my life, but somewhere between traversing from early adulthood into my midlife I suddenly developed a preference for liquid soaps.

Whilst I have never been an avid fan of  the ‘bar soaps’ mainly due to my ‘germ’ phobia, I have always been rather tolerant of them. It’s a great thing that Dove are versatile and cater both to liquid and bar soap lovers.


Dove has always had a rather neutral fragrance palette catering to anyone and everyone making them versatile and not clashing with anyone’s personal fragrance choices. Then a year or two ago they made me the happiest person this side of Timbucktoo … they launched their delicious vanilla range (vanilla addict much!) and I thought that my Dove days were sealed in vanilla forever … that was until their latest launch of the Shea Butter range and the Coconut Milk and Jasmine petals (my new favourite).


Now let me just state that this new PURELY PAMPERING NOURISHING BODY WASH has made me revise my shopping list, and has resulted in me now alternating between the vanilla and the coconut milk with jasmine petals ( I am already on my 2nd bottle) body wash.

So let’s unpack the new Coconut Milk and Jasmine Petals Nourishing Body Wash ( it's like a shower cream ... seriously!). Firstly it stands apart from all the other Dove offerings with its subtle tones of soft feminine pink and the trademark coconut and jasmine flower on the front. It still has the convenient flip top cap and the unique almond-shaped bottle.

The PURELY PAMPERING fragrance or perfume itself is fresh, milky and very much feminine, surprisingly it does not clash with any of my fragrances if anything it actually adds another dimension to them. The fragrance lingers for up to 2 hours but is not overpowering at all, and honestly, leaves you smelling awesome even if you are just hopping into bed.
The nourishing body wash is thick and looks like a cream, however, as soon as you apply it to your wet skin, it quickly lathers up a storm. It leaves your skin clean, sweet smelling and not stripped and tight at all (trust me this gets more important as you age). As we all know by now Dove contains at least ¼ moisturiser and softens the skin.

So what is my overall conclusion? Well, firstly, I am already a Dove 'shower' person, so it is a no-brainer that I love the new additions, and honestly this new offering is a great feminine addition to the existing range and one I would definitely recommend. Try it for yourself, it’s affordable and really you have nothing to lose.

Available in both shower cream and as a bar soap you too can pick your favourite!

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Friday, September 30, 2016

I am sure it is not just me, that we are all in fact short of time! No matter how hard, smart or efficiently we work in a day it seems as though time is just fleeting.

Would it not be amazing if we could simply buy a few more hours in a day ... you know like data /airtime and everything else which is readily available. Would it alleviate the pressure and the constant feeling of being stretched? Honestly ... I doubt it!


No matter how stressed or tired you are, it is of the utmost importance to take some time out and just rest. Your brain needs time to process all the constant flow of information and store it away. Your body needs to restore itself and regain a sense of equilibrium and you need to just let go!

Now I am not saying shirk your responsibilities, let yourself go and become a hermit ... no no no! What I am saying is that you need to manage yourself and your free time properly , here are 3 areas which I feel are my way of restoring my sense of balance:

Nothing helps to rid your body and muscles more of stress and tension than a good work out. It helps to get rid of muscle tension , up the heart rate and keeps the body functioning at health and optimal levels.

My personal favourite form of exercise is Adventure Boot Camp , I love the high-intensity workout, the fact that the trainers focus on specific muscle groups giving you a toned and healthy body.

I cannot express enough that supplementation is not just about the basic vitamins ... yes, these are important however you may have other needs too.

On a personal note about 1 year ago, I experienced burnout for the first time, my adrenal glands were exhausted. I was overweight, exhausted, stressed and my body and brain started to shut down ... chronic illness was an understatement. I immediately saw one of the functional medicine doctors at Health Renewal, they ran a series of blood tests and came back with a plan to get my health back and to restore function back in my life. I now take a Vitamin D3 supplement , adrenal support supplement, Omega 3 , CoQ10, Pre, and Probiotics ... a lot to swallow ... but the proof is in the pudding!

I am now able to cope better with stress, my day to day functioning is loads better and whilst I still struggle with excess stress and short term memory loss it is now well managed.

For me stretching my brain means reading a book , not a digital book but a proper paperback. It not only allows a digital detox but allows me to stay focused but relax ... all whilst my brain is being stretched.

For those who need a quick fix, there is Brain Training a form of neurofeedback technology I have yet to try. It is on my bucket list for this short term memory restoration and available at Brain Renewal.

I believe that we all need to find what works for us, for our budget and maybe even chose to prioritise health over a few other luxuries ... after all, you only live once... and I chose a healthy life! One thing does, however, remain a priority and that is TIMEOUT. Set aside time for yourself with no compromise and allow yourself to be the happy, healthy, best you possible.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Summer is a time for pretty girly dresses, pink cocktails and sunset picnics. It is a season of whimsy and expressing the joy of freedom and the throwing off of the constraints of winter.


Never let it be said that AVON is not on trend when it comes to launching fun and flirty colours to compliment summer and enhance that natural glow that appears along with the added sunshine.

Personally, I find that in summer I tend to opt for a sheerer foundation, pretty pink lips and I love a good mascara to enhance the eyes. After all, it was not so long ago that summer had me turned into a human meltdown … you know the inevitable makeup mudslide … blegh!

Here are 3 of my favourite summer time fun picks that I thought I would share with you:


I absolutely love love love this new line of packaging by Avon, it is so pretty, it makes you want to display the entire collection (Yes, I already have the powder too).

I do have to share that this is possibly the biggest mascara brush I have ever seen and I was surprised by how effective it was at applying mascara and building the lashes … even on my non-existent lashes. The black is a very strong and definite black and the colour deposit is great.

This would be a great addition for a 'full-on lash boost' and build up.
Sadly my eyes did not like something in this product and so I was unable to use it any further , but then I have fussy eyes on an average day.

Retails for R134.90 for 10ml

Oooh lah lah gals … if you love a light pink lipgloss you are gonna lurve this one! It is a soft pretty pink which gives you just enough colour to make the lips look dressed, but it’s natural enough to not look all dolled up and unnatural.

It is a summer must have for any gals bag and in fact, I bought another to keep in my car for when I am flitting around from one place to the next. After all, a girl can never have too many lippies!

There is a wider range of colours available to suit you from purples to corals AVON has them all.

Retails for R119.90 FOR 6ml


If you are looking for a light summer foundation, one which will boost your skin’s radiance whilst offering a light/medium coverage … this is your baby!
It applies easily whether using a foundation brush or sponge … heck even my hands applied it well (sorry, overshare but it was time to wash my brushes and I had no other option … tee hee!)

This foundation covers all skin tones and comes in a handy airtight pump for ease of use, and offers an SPF15. I absolutely adore this foundation on days when I want to downscale my makeup or on ‘sporty’ days.

Retails for R199.90 for 30ml

Click on this link for more info on current special offers or to view their latest brochure - AVON ONLINE BROCHURE

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Friday, September 16, 2016

A scent can speak volumes about a woman, it can tell whether she is feeling serious, seductive or even slightly whimsical ... the only limit is her imagination.


Revlon has long been known for one of their most successful fragrances called UNFORGETTABLE, and whilst never forgotten it has been quite some time since the last addition to this line.
Fear not, however, as REVLON have just launched a new fun, fruity and rather flirty sister to the original Unforgettable family (Unforgettable Original, Unforgettable You and Unforgettable Encounter). Packaged in the most elegant gold and cream packaging which speaks of luxury and the classic elegance, it is a pretty addition to any woman's dresser.

The fragrance itself is rather sweet, and not to be mistaken for the more musky and seductive fragrance of the original, it contains the following unique elements which make up it's unique and multi-faceted aroma:

Fragrance family: Floral-Chypre

Top Notes: Peach, Nectarine & Litchi
Middle Notes: Violet, Rose, and Pineapple
Base Notes: Oak Moss, Vetiver and White Musk

With a punchline of 'Once experienced, never forgotten' this fragrance would need to make an impression and that it does!

It's all about that intensely intimate, romantic moment ... an unexpected heart racing attraction, that moment when the universe stands still but two hearts collide creating a moment which will never be forgotten. It's the scent of this moment which will forever be etched in our memory ...
I personally adore this fragrance I have been enjoying the way it makes me feel, it invokes the 20-year-old younger me. It never ceases to amaze me how a fragrance can change your mood, your outfit and even the way you look at the world … if only for a moment in time!

Whilst I am still an avid fan of the original Unforgettable fragrance this new addition offers a great alternative for a spring/summer fragrance. For me there is always room on my dresser for a few everyday fragrances, one’s which I can be lavish and enjoy without having sold an arm and a leg to afford the next bottle.

REVLON UNFORGETTABLE’S latest addition is a winner in my books, but don’t listen to me try it for yourself and see.

Available at selected leading retailers and pharmacies, for more information visit

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

So as you all know by now I recently had a considerable weight loss journey, and part of this journey resulted in rather severe hair loss.


Whilst I have tried to glean a full understanding of why I would loose so much hair, the jury is still out on this one. I have had answers such as the hair follicle remains large leaving the hair loose and as a result it falls out, to the reasoning that it is the hormones which are adjusting resulting in hair loss.

Either way it has not been a pleasant journey at all, and I now have a greater sympathy and understanding for those suffering from Alopecia or chemotherapy.

I went from the hair that I was used to for forty years, hair which was rather bushy, curly and all over the place, to feeling a bit like a mangy dog. I had a third of my hair left and in areas you could see through to my scalp …. not cool people … not cool!

I had been putting my hair up with little crocodile clips trying to cover as much as possible until I attended a hair product launch. At the event they very kindly blow dried our hair after we experienced the product and I was horrified at my reflection.
Yes, this is that reflection ... blegh!

Who am I kidding? I may have long hair but it looks appalling, in fact the only salvation would be to chop it off and try and make a stylish short change as opposed to hanging onto the scraggly bits which are currently all that remains.

So after much planning and very little contemplation, I walked into the closest Style Bar, showed them a picture on my phone of what I wanted and with the few locks I had ... and it was over in mere minutes … chop chop!
Excuse the uniform ...tee hee!

I cannot thank the team at Style Bar enough, they not only made me look better, but they restored my confidence and how I look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes change is required in order to grow … and thanks to RETAIL BOX’s Quick Grow Shampoo and Conditioner (which smell like yummy strawberries) my hair is now growing, getting fuller and thicker everyday.

Read my full review here.

I have recently received a great recipe for a hair tonic which I need to mix and test. Only once I have 'tried & tested' and I see the results I will happily share with you all.

Look after your locks and when in doubt drop by your nearest STYLE BAR,  they will gladly assist you with styling and hair products to help any ‘bad hair day’.

You can contact STYLE BAR over here

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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Well, I never thought I would indulge in a spring Fling but here I am, ready to gush about my latest love! Oh alright! It's a fragrance ... not a man ...sorry ladies!

Premiere Luxe Gold Blush Fragrance

It's no secret that I am yet undiscovered by the luxury brands for my fragrant rantings on all things perfume ... ha ha ha! It is also, however, no secret that I absolutely adore fragrances and that I am often indulged by the lovely ladies over at Avon and Justine.

They have just recently launched a new feminine fragrance called PREMIERE LUXE GOLD BLUSH and it is an ideal Spring/Summer fragrance, it has fun flirty florals mixed with lush and seductive base notes to ensure longevity through the day. Best of all ... this is an Eau de Parfum (stronger than a normal fragrance or Eau de Toilette).

The packaging is a pretty play on Vintage meets trendy meets classic with it's Rose Gold blush box, vintage bottle, and classic timeless fragrance. I am sold hook line and sinker on this lovely fragrance by Justine, and in all honesty, it surprised me ... it is not my 'normal' type of fragrance I would choose and yet, I love it!

This just proves once again how important it is to get out of your comfort zone and try something new ladies, so here are all the deets:

Top note: Juicy Pomegranate, Pink Pepper, and Sweet Peach
Middle note: Jasmine, Rose, and Orchid
Base note: Patchouli, Amber, and Musk

Class: Chypre Floral Woody Scent

Retails for: R479

For a fun, sensual and feminine scent this Spring this fragrance is an ideal choice.

This is currently on offer in their latest brochure at just R199 ...  that's a R280 saving! What are you waiting for!

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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Emotional vampires? I know this may sound extreme but we all have someone that we know, someone who sucks the living life out of you every time they see you.

Emotional vampires need to be reigned in ...

So what exactly do psychologists call an emotional vampire?
'Some relationships are positive and mood elevating. Others can suck optimism and serenity right out of you. I call these draining people "emotional vampires." They do more than drain your physical energy. The malignant ones can make you believe you're unworthy and unlovable.' - Psychology Today

To me personally, it has always been a challenge when you meet someone and the ask 'how are you?' Because let's be honest now ... more often than not they do not care! People simply go through the motions of social etiquette. For me, I have always meant it when I ask a person how they are. I don't want the parrot fashion 'I am good thanks' ... nope... I'm your friend and I really want to know dammit!

But then there are the extremists, both on sharing (emotional vampires) and on not listening (emotional squash courts) ... let's discuss them both.

To stick with the topic lets first discuss our EMOTIONAL VAMPIRE friends. 
Now we all have them, these are friends who need attention, a hug and an ear to listen. Those friends for whom life seems to get unbearable and as a result, their lives can be rather tempestuous!
Many would say run, hide, do not approach and they tend to shy away or shun these friendships. I say 'bah humbug'! We are all different, we all have our own unique coping skills and that should be part of friendship ' ... you know the 'good and the bad' or the 'loving you for who you are' part of friendship.

My advice, love on these friends, let them share/vent/rant whatever it is they need but do not partner in their misery. Instead, why not build each other up, weigh up the severity of a situation and bring it back to earth. Speak love and light into people's lives without judgment, offense or hurting them ... be a friend people! Do not encourage negative talk, thought patterns or even voice what you would do ... it's about them and not you! Rather deflect the scenario back at your friend, from another perspective and let them mull the situation over.

You cannot change a persons natural responses, but you can be a good friend and just standby in both the good and bad times ... as they will come! Reign in your EMOTIONAL VAMPIRES, listen but do not entertain their rant, give advice, plant a seed and close the subject! Do however watch yourself, pace your time spent with these friends and ensure that your energy reserves are full and ready to go ... you will need all your resilience and strength.

Now I know a few of these and sadly they are in my church family too, they ask you how you are and that is the last time they look you in the eyes. These people are the polar opposite of emotional vampires, your words just bounce right of them ... as in a squash court. Usually during conversation whilst you are talking, they are looking around you, over your shoulder ... but nodding and uhmming and aahhing! I AM NOT BLIND PEOPLE! Do not ask if you don't care, but more importantly don't pretend that you do! I don't care how many stories you hear a day ... keep it real or move on! I do not need your inability to focus and give me 5 minutes of your attention, to leave me feeling invalidated and worse than if I'd never stopped! 

HEAR ME WHEN I SAY 'You are making yourself unapproachable!'

So now that all is said and done all that left to say is love the hurting, have patience, be kind. When you chat to people, be sincere, listen and put yourself in their shoes!