Monday, November 28, 2016

Nothing beats a night with the stars, under the stars and once again the Galileo Open Air Cinema is up and running for the summer season.

Oldies but goodies at the cinema

If you are looking for a lovely night out , fresh air, fabulous food, and a great movie … look no further!

Galileo has perfected the art of the outdoor movies , with the great venues, comfy chair backs and snuggly (and clean) blankets it just never disappoints. If you love some of the oldies such as THE NOTEBOOK and DIRTY DANCING then you are in for a treat, check out the GALILEO CINEMA schedule over here and be warned that you need to book early as they sell out quite quickly.

DIRTY DANCING under the stars

I recently got to go and see Dirty Dancing at the Hillcrest Quarry (my favorite venue by far) and once again I had an absolute blast.

I took my aunt to see the movie for her birthday as a surprise, we arrived early and already the venue was filling up quickly. We grabbed our Chair backs and blankies, secured our spot on the lawn and proceeded to go walk through the food hall and see what food was on offer for purchase?

I was surprised to see that there was a real variety of food from vegan wraps which were wheat free and dairy free, to Mexican, burgers, coffee , popcorn, and snacks. There definitely was something to cater to everyone’s palate.
So once our tummies were satisfied it was time to return to our seats and settle down for the show. It goes without saying the very few have not seen Dirty Dancing and the audience were definitely a bunch of fans. The atmosphere was set with wolf whistles for all the dance scenes, everyone echoing ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner’ and of course ending off with the ever popular dance scene.

The night ended begrudgingly with people trudging back to their cars because they had to return home. The night was magical and no-one wanted it to end.

Here are few heads up for the newbies …


You can pack your own picnic and bring it with you on the evening , the doors open at 6.00pm but the movie only starts when the sun goes down. This gives you plenty of time to eat, chat and catch up


**Disclaimer 2

Friday, November 25, 2016

Now you all know that I used to go to style Bar for my hair, they made me look pretty amazing no matter what my demands for a year.

Well during that year I also got to experience their online retail store known as RETAIL BOX. This is a space where can shop everything 'HAIR' to your heart's content. It often features great discounts and offers which of course make the spending justified (snorts).

Well no surprise (unless you are completely walking around with blinkers on) today is #BackFriday and Retail Box have got a sale on too!


So without any further ado ...... RUN!! Click here

Spoil yourself and other for Chrsitmas :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

So it was time for a little catch up with me and some of my gals (yes, bad English pfft) and I got to choose the spot! Now I know the majority of the world will agree when I say there is nothing quite like bacon! Yep, show me the bacon!


As you may have guessed the place I chose was none other than Bacon On Bree, I had heard so much about it when it first launched and consequently requested an interview from owner Richard Bosman. Alas, I was neither invited to the launch nor did I ever get the answer to my interview questions (I will take late payment in bacon Richard .... just saying ... tee hee!)

Nah, seriously as you all know by now I pay for my own restaurants (most of the time) and I ALWAYS give you an honest review. So let's do away with the necessities ... 

The sidewalk seating area of BACON ON BREE can accommodate wheelchairs, however, there is no access to the bathrooms for wheelchairs. The restaurant is housed in an old 'bo-kaap /styled' building which is very endearing but not suited to the disabled. 

Inside the restaurant itself is a multi-dimensional and multiple layered facilities with hidden courtyards, and possibly the 'lowest' toilet I have ever had the challenge of hovering over (eish, those squats paid off).

Over all the venue remains small and cozy. Sadly you cannot book ... however, it is well worth both the visit and the wait.


Yes, guys, I ate a hairy biker indeed , I kid you not! The menu is fun and whimsical with great names for the dishes which you can check out over here (MENU). I chose the option which did not feature any wheat, gluten and as far as possible carbs ... well, cause I 'm weird like that (or maybe I'm on an eating plan ...ssh hh hh!). As for the gals they all went for a BLT and they absolutely loved it too!
The coffee was great and the brand Kamili I believe and served in the quaintest cups which were rudimentary in shape and created from earthenware ... just lovely!

I had a really lovely morning chatting with the gals and we were all so comfortable, that if we did not have other plans we might just have stayed for lunch too.

To view their info , menu or just browse BACON ON BREE

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Friday, November 04, 2016

I know I know it's not normal to lump two so very different products together but I have to tell you that if anything these are currently topping my lust-worthy list .... along with a few more Yankee Candles (can never have enough).

I have really come to appreciate the value and investment of proper leather handbags, they are hellishly expensive for us mere mortals, but by simply saving towards one, the rewards and longevity are just amazing!

I invested in two bags a while ago and they are looking better than ever, going strong ... but how I would love a leather shopper handbag. One that I could use when I travel, as well as for everyday casual wear! So when Jinger Jack's latest news letter landed in my inbox it was almost 'snot and trane' ... you see I saw the bag (the GOA) I have been waiting for! 

The problem is the chance of me investing currently 'ZERO', this is the reality of buying a house and the first two years of paying a bond ... it's eina! gals it's eina! So I thought I would put myself out of misery by making you lust after it too ...'mwahahaha!'
Retails for R2150

I mean, is this not just a thing of beauty ... sigh! Maybe Santa will get 'klapped' over the head ... lose his way ... and deliver one of these! (tee hee)

Just by the by, here are Jinger Jack's new range ... no I am not paid or sponsored, nor am I a fashion blogger (salute you gals ... I just can't bear seeing myself in pictures), so rest assured this is an honest lust-have!
Whilst those may have you also left you in a state of envious lust , why stop when you are onto something good right?

So up next is my lust-haves for my gym kit, my recent passion for ABC Bootcamp has spurned a love for exercise and active wear ... quite strange really, but true! And, for some reason I am currently levitating towards turquoise ... just love it!

So here are my favourites currently featured by Total Sports and yes, they are matchy matchy ... sorry not sorry! That's just how I roll!
Retails for R 479

Retails for R1499

So as you can see my shopping habits have progressed from bad to worse (in financial terms that is) my sense of taste and style ... it holds strong! Both the Nike trainers and Nike Sports Bra are available from Total Sports online , just saying! 

I really have come to love the knitted fabric trainers and the lightweight soles allow my feet to flex and move, I am honestly surprised at how much it affects my performance and running. My current Nike Free 3.0's are my best friends #BFF's! 

But don't think I stopped dreaming there, oh no no no! This is the last lust for today, yep for us people who like to be active and track our progress I do believe it is the ultimate to have ...
Retails for R2999

So this lovely FitBit Charge 2 is available on, where I often shop ... dream and browse. It is an investment piece in my eyes and one which is not only great to keep track when you are on the move but to also serve as a reminder to get your ass into gear.

So after all that shopping you must be exhausted, I will leave you with a little motivation to keep going everyday with eyes on the goal. If at 42 years I am 30kg's lighter and I do Bootcamp 3 x per week ... you can do it! As my friends at Nike say #JustDoIt

**This is not sponsored post but my own wishlist.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

It's so amazing how quickly one can revert back to old habits, you know the one that goes stress ... food ... stress ... food ... stress and even more food!

The sad thing is that we never crave a salad, nope it's the good stuff the sweetest carb laden foods or the fattiest savoury meats like bacon and lamb ... go figure? The point is if we are not careful when we are under stress we can quickly fall back into old BAD eating habits and pile on those long lost kilo's ( pounds or whatever).


Now it certainly is not easy saying no to a piece of cake or a yummy burger, especially when everyone is shoveling their faces full, and you simply say 'I'll have the chicken salad please' ... Yeah, as good as it sounds, it's flipping tough and maybe even tears at the soul a little. What we need to remember is to keep our eyes on the goal and not the burger!

I am now headed into a year since my initial weight loss of 32 kg's, I have put on about 5kg's but I never let it go above that! In fact, I am pretty vigilant about monitoring my weight, and have just recently embarked on my eating plan once again to try and shed the five I have gained and maybe even another five to boot!


Consistency is key and making healthy choices is obviously far easier in summer than in winter. Now that I have my own home again I have planted my own veggie patch and have already been reaping the rewards of fresh spinach , chines cabbage , rocket and radishes ... not to mention my herbs.
I personally find it easier to mix textures and incorporate color and fun elements like edible flowers ... but then I do like pretty food, don't I? I still eat out regularly and try to practice the 80/20 rule so that the 'naughty' days do not outweigh the 'good' days!


Whilst all of that sounds pretty amazing, I do have to admit that I once again had to take myself in hand recently. You see my food is a 'drug' I eat when I am: HUNGRY , ANGRY , EMOTIONAL , BORED , FRUSTRATED , LONELY AND FEELING FAT! Really ... yes, really!

So I have learned to ask myself 'are you eating to feed your body?' Or 'are you eating to feed an emotion?' But worse yet is the, 'are you eating to suppress a sugar craving or carb addiction?' The answer may shock you!

I am back on my eating plan, my house is devoid of 'hidden evils' and I am once again drinking my 4l of liquids a day. I feel healthier , happier and much less bloated than when bingeing and I know that I will get there ... even if it is slowly.

Fight hard for yourself every day , food and emotions are not your bosses! You do have the power to say no and walk away ... even if you have a weak moment every now and then!

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

As someone who consumes copious amounts of water, who constantly rotates around the nearest ladies room (out of need people ... out of need ... no strangeness here!) , it stands to reason that the new BRITA WATER FILTER is my BFF (no lies). If you too are looking for a new BFF consider the BRITA FILL & SERVE CARAFE ... it never gives you attitude only good clean fun ... erm, I mean water!

BRITA days are ahead!

I got sent a new BRITA water filtration unit to test drive and it has been nothing but love at first sight. Unlike the old clunky jug type water filters which did not appeal to my sense of aesthetics, this new compact and rather quirky looking unit is amazeballs! (yes, I said amazeballs *snorts*).

You see the new version is what I like to call a 'desktop' friendly version, it is small, compact and can stand just about anywhere without taking up too much space. As per the norm, you can purchase replaceable filters , mine lasted approximately a month but then I drink 3 liters of water per day (see , I told you!).

What you need to know:

This little number contains micro disc active-select technology:
Effectively reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances while leaving minerals in.

How much do you get out of one disc?
One hundred and fifty liters of great tasting drinking water with each disc.

Why I love love love it?
Low weight and easy to handle. Extremely shock resistant durable and hygienic due to the dishwasher-safety-excluding lid. Designed to fit in the fridge door. System tested by TUV against food grade quality. Made of exceptional transparency high gloss and long life state-of-the-art material Tritan

Find your fill & serve carafe your local Brita distributors or online at 
Retails for R499 for the carafe and R299 for 3 replacement discs

Friday, October 21, 2016

I was recently sent a press pack of Lifebuoy soap and as I have previously mentioned I am not a ‘bar soap’ person and yes, even though Lifebuoy does not allow for germ breeding it is still not something I personally choose to use. Great news though they do have the liquid soap version which comes in a handy pump bottle, which you can place strategically throughout your home.

I am from the health and beauty industry and have studied pathology it really does bring to life the power of germs. Everyday in our daily lives we touch surfaces, pets, children, food and more with out realising the transference of germs, a process which is continually happening. Did you know that if you dipped your nose in a petri dish with a growth medium and let it bloom, you would have at least 10 or more different strains of bacteria in that area alone?


Even more shocking is that they have now proven there are more germs on a women's handbag than in a toilet ….arghhhh! So how can you avoid the spread of germs safely and effectively? Well, it’s simple really … Lifebuoy soap.

Lifebuoy have a unique and patented technology, ingredients which have been proven to kill germs on contact and continue to dod so for a few hours after use. Does it not then make sense to make sure that you have a handy bottle or bar on-hand to sterilise your hands throughout the day?

By simply using this bacteria and germ eliminating soap you can reduce the transference of germs and even prevent illness and the spread of illness in your home. To get the full benefit it is important to teach kids from a young age to wash their hands and live a more hygienic lifestyle.


I recently got a friend of mine to test this soap in her household, she has 3 kids and I just knew she would love the opportunity to try these. Turns out that she is actually an avid user of lifebuoy soaps and so they were received with open arms.


1. Wash your hands thoroughly with disinfectant soap and running water - a simple splash under water is not effective in destroying germs.

2. Really lather the soap to make sure that you are getting all of the necessary germ protection that is required for optimal health.

3. Wash your hands for approximately 30 seconds to really get rid of the harmful germs that cause infection – think up a song to pass the time, the 'happy birthday' song is a great example.

4. Remember to wash your hands properly whenever they are dirty and especially before handling food, after using the bathroom/changing nappies and in the shower/bath.

5. Hand washing with soap is one of the most effective ways of preventing diarrhoeal disease. It can reduce the incidence of diarrhoea by up to 47%. (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine – 2012 systemic review (Curtis & Cairncross))

6. Hands are the most common way of spreading germs – in ancient times people would bow to each other (rather than shaking hands as we do in the Western world today) not realising that they were actually helping to reduce the spread of germs as a result.

Being a skin care therapist I am continually nagging people not to put their fingers in their mouth, to wipe their noses and to wash their hands ... for me hygiene will always be number one! i hope it is in your household too!

Lifebuoy is available at all leading retail stores.

**Disclaimer 2

Thursday, October 20, 2016

It's amazing how every now and then life throws an unexpected curve ball in your way ... you know nothing big just a Gun Run or so!

Well, this past weekend I finally caved and agreed to do the 5km Gun Run with a friend of mine (nothing huge I know, but huge for me). You see she has been trying for a year to get me to participate in these fun run / big walk type of events and I honestly have been unable to ... that is until Sunday.

It all starts with a bang!

Now on any normal given Sunday I would be up at 6.30am but this Sunday I was being fetched at 4.55am ... yes, you read correctly. Some of our friends were doing the 21km's and yet others the 10km's and we all had different kick off times which made for an early morning start.

Panic set in as my alarm went off at 4.30am and the heavens decided to open full force unleashing buckets full of water ... this did not bode well for our Gun Run. Luckily I am the kind of person that wakes easily and is not groggy for hours, unlike my friend who pitched up semi-conscious to collect me, we drove in relative silence for the first half an hour.
I was ready with my Nike Free 3.0's and my sunblock smeared on and off we set. I set a fast pace and we managed to maintain our momentum with Estie taking a little strain (thank you ABC Boot Camp ... my training paid off). It turned out to be a beautiful day and my friend and I managed to power walk (aka me dragging her the last km) the 5km in just 50 minutes ... again not spectacular but great for us.

All in all, I learned that you can actually do whatever you set your mind to despite the odds and that with God at your back ... giving up is not an option.

What have you done to challenge yourself this year?

I am signed up for THE GRIND (Rapid Grind) and am looking forward to what I hope is the first of many obstacle courses.

Come on, get moving you can do it!