Monday, May 22, 2017

This winter is proving to be cold, wet and dry ... nothing like our normal Cape Town winters. We are facing the worst drought of the century and to be honest, it is starting to become pretty scary!

However along with the cold, dry weather comes dry skin and all those unwanted bugs and viruses. This can leave your lips feeling dry and cracked, and the constant nose blowing will leave flakey red and rather unsightly nostrils.

The solution I have always turned to is Letibalm, a unique formula that helps to heal and repair te skin unlike any other! You can read all about the first time I came across this bran over here LETIBALM, the brand has since revamped a little and the lid on the pot is now blue as you will see.


So the lovely peeps over at #Letibalm sent me the most awesome cold & flu survival kit. Ivohealth teamed up with Sparrow Society to put this gorgeous purse together, with the Letibalm must-have winter essentials.

Let balm is specially formulated to treat and repair the nose, lips and the delicate skin in-between. I personally love the fluid and wish they would make a few tinted options. They would be my go-to lip product.

For those who prefer more of a "solid" type balm, they have got you covered too. The balm is also ideal I found for the nose area as it has more of a matte finish.
Both products are available at Dischem and visit the Sparrow Society webpage to support a community driven project.

I am sorted for winter, how about you? Time to get yours and pop it in your handbag, they are the ideal size!

Keep warm!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Every day we face challenges of some sort, whether it be a traffic jam, a family crisis or in my case lost photo files. These moments truly are defining moments and we can choose to either conquer them or alternatively allow them to crush us!

Upon reflection of my recent incident, I realised how overwhelming the loss of a precious irreplaceable moment can be. Memories are the glue that binds us together. They are however also deep-seated in our hearts and imprinted on our minds, so let's just calm down already! You see no amount of tantrum throwing, crying or depression will ever be a solution to trying to resolve a problem.

Where I go to find peace

For me, the bible is always my inspiration, it is the place where I can seek solutions that will get me back on track. One of my favourite verses is the following: Psalm 46 v 10

" Be still and know that I am God!"

So why is it that I find this so hard to remember at times? Well, because it is often easier to freak out than it is to have faith ... this is the human side of us. The side of us that lets our emotions run rampant through our mind and body ... the part of us which we need to learn to control! So how do I calm the contained storm within my body and my mind? It's not easy but I ask for prayer, I push into the word and most of all I stand in faith, that all will be well.

Meditation and peace

Many think that meditation was derived from the Buddhists, and whilst they may practice a similar concept (chanting and mantra's) it is not the same as reading the word. The bible often refers to Jesus "meditating" on the word, so no mantras. no clearing the mind ... but rather a different kind of "focus". Clear your mind of irrelevant clutter, focus on God's word, and live in a conscious space of positivity and faith and hopefully, the storm in your mind will subside. 

As for my photography dilemma, the jury is still out. I have people at Orms (thank you, Gavin, in Bellville) photography and Lexar (Simon) helping me trying to recover the images and so I have honestly had to find peace and leave the rest in God's Hands. After all, no amount of panicking is going to bring them back. The lesson learned however, I need to invest in a good memory card asap and never plug your digital camera directly into a MAC computer ... eish! A hard lesson to learn.

Take care and stay positive!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

So you all know by know that my soft spot on this crazy planet happens to be cats. Nothing can rival the unconditional kitty cuddles I get every day ... nor can reason explain the undeniable swelling of my heart, one may even say bursting with love for these four-legged fur balls!

Mt two angel boys are the absolute adoration in my life and they truly make my house a home! Now that winter is here their bellies are once again constantly hungry (or so they would have my believe), and being Hills kitties that means they consume more kibble.

I was so excited when Hills recently told me they were launching a new set of whisker friendly bowls as a "Gift with Purchase" and when offered one for each of my kittles it was a .. hells yes! So why whisker friendly you may ask?

Well here's the thing about whiskers

A cat's whiskers — or vibrissae — are a well-honed sensory tool that helps a cat see in the dark and steer clear of hungry predators. Whiskers are highly sensitive tactile hairs that grow in patterns on a cat's muzzle, above its eyes and elsewhere on its body, like the ears, jaw, and forelegs - LiveScience

So the new kitty bowls from HILLS PETS SA are designed to have less interference with the cat's whiskers and gives them more room to gobble unhindered.

So if like me, you love your cats ... spoil them by buying their favourite kibble (ours is the Hills J/D because of Tiger having broken his pelvis in half in a car accident 2 years ago and well Mischka is going on 8 years so it only does him good), why not grab a free bowl at the same time!

So what's the deal?

More purr-lease! This May, get a whisker-friendly #HillsKittyBowl free when you buy any Hill’s Feline bag, 1.3kgs or larger. Get more info here KITTY BOWL

This deal is only available whilst stocks last!


** Disclaimer 2

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Every now and then I just stop sit and do a little window shopping. I know that the majority of us live our lives to a budget and the occasional splurge does come along ... but let's face it ... not often!

How amazing is it then that with our modern day lifestyles that we can consider a perk to be online shopping ... better yet, online window shopping! I find it so therapeutic ... maybe even a little cathartic to sit and just shop all the purchases my heart desires. I usually set a budget (albeit very unreal for my bank account) and then I shop to see what I would get for that according to my wishlist.

I have shared previously great launches on Zando as well as purchases on Spree, both favourite online platforms of mine. However, today's faux shopping splurge belongs all to Zando!

I decided to shop what I would consider being a comprehensive Winter Wardrobe for myself ... the proverbial "I'll Take It All" moment. So here it is ...

My Winter Wardrobe for under R10 000

So I wish I could say I shopped all on the same day or in some logical order, but no! This is my therapy and so my list is compiled when I need to just clear my head and feel free. No judgment now but I sure hope you like it ... I know I do!

First up, a few new scarves (I'm addicted to scarves ... just an FYI)
Next were the handbags
n.b. If you are a curvy gurl, handbags, shoes, and scarves are a great way to express yourself with fashion ... and best of all the sky is the limit!

So what's next you may ask? 

Shoes, jackets/ponchos and necklaces I am happy to say ...

I love how ponchos have once again become the trend this year, better yet they look great and hide a multitude of sins. Needless to say, I love the variety available on Zando ... just fabulous!

 I have always struggled to find boots that fit my calves and so from an early age I fell in love with loafers, mocassins and the ankle boot and once again there is just so much to choose from. I do however like to match my shoes and handbags  ... call it OCD but I do love it!

So my total wishlist came to a whopping R7986.00 but considering the number of items and the quality ... It's not bad at all!

What I will share is my main frustration. There was not a single pair or torn fashionable jeans for a curvy girl. Fat is not frumpy folks ... we still like to dress on trend and keep up with fashion!

Tell me what you like and your thoughts, and maybe I'll do another similar post soon.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a sponsored post and it is truly a reflection of my personal style

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Nothing makes me smile more than watching those National Geographic shows where you see those brave little birds(or stupid depending on your perspective), munching away at those bits and pieces in either a hippo or crocodiles mouth.

But let's face it we are neither bird nor beast and anything stuck between your teeth is neither attractive nor socially acceptable. So, short of employing a Plover of your own what can you do to ensure fresh breath and a picture perfect smile?

Toothpicks and dental floss

Yep, folks, these are the hidden secrets to making your mouth smile friendly at all times. As children we get taught about brushing our teeth, flossing and the dental hygienist and then somehow it all seems to fall by the wayside ... call it laziness or whatever but the fact remains that your dental health can in fact seriously affect your overall health.

Every day and everywhere solutions

So the great news is that cleaning between the teeth can be a pretty personal thing, in fact, it is often driven by your mouths anatomy and what your gums can tolerate. But, did you know that there more options than simply just flossing?

1. Fancy flossing
I love that SUNSTAR GUM and IVO HEALTH have got a waxed dental floss with a whitening action. WHITE FLOSS forms part of the Original White range and is a great addition to those looking for a gleaming white grin. 

2. Soft Picks
These SUNSTAR GUM ADVANCED SOFT PICKS are ideal for those who have sensitive or bleeding gums. They are soft pliable plastic picks with a small "brush like" tip. These are great for gently cleaning between the teeth and come with a fabulous holder so that you can keep a few handy in your bag. They come in a card pack of 30 units and are a firm favourite for when dining out.

3. Flossing the easy way
SUNSTAR GUM EASY FLOSSERS are enriched with Flouride + Vitamin E and are possible the most fuss-free way to floss your teeth. They consist of a tensioned floss end and a sharp plastic end for additional cleaning between the teeth. I personally have been using these for more than a year now and I am absolutely hooked on them. They also come with a transparent plastic holder which carries 2 -3 units.

I have gotten so used to using interdentals now it is actually a habit, what I love most of all is that all of these are available at Dischem making it quick and easy to restock your stash. They don't cost an arm and a leg and best of all they are orthodontist quality products (not cheapies).

A growing body of research finds that bacteria and inflammation in your mouth are also linked to other problems, including heart attack and dementia, and may well jeopardize your overall health. - WebMD

So what are you waiting for, get yours at your local Dischem today. For other stockists visit www.ivohealth.co.za

**Disclaimer 2

Thursday, May 04, 2017

I absolutely adore having pretty bottles of handwash and hand lotion in my bathroom. It's no secret my original training was as a beauty therapist, and with that came the obsession of clean hands.

Healing Earth bathroom essentials
Natural oils and gentle products have always had an extra special place in my bathroom and HEALING EARTH is no different. I fell in love with the cool clean smell of HEALING OCEAN and my hands are loving the products too.

You see ever since I have been on blood pressure medication my hands have become unbearably dry at times. In fact, they almost become calloused, and as a woman that is not really the reputation, you want to put forward when meeting people.

Here are my thoughts on my recent acquisitions:

Presented in a fresh and clean looking sandblasted glass bottle, this gentle handwash smells of gentle waves and fresh summer days on the beach. It leaves your skin feeling clean, comfortable and not stripped at all.

I love the convenient pump bottle and the colourless handwash, it really makes a statement without saying a word. I think this range will be my "go to" range for the next while!
Retails for: approx R110.00

Once again presented in the fresh and clean sandblasted glass, the hand and body lotion is pristine white in appearance. The formulation is light, fluffy, comforting and not at all greasy. The fragrance is similar to that of the hand wash, but not exactly!

I love that I can apply this cream to my hands and it just disappears in a matter of seconds with no oily residue, only a soft smooth skin is left in its wake ... heavenly!
Retails for: approx R110.00

I love how this brand looks to not only reflect the tranquility of the seaside through its fresh and striking white glass packaging but also extends HEALING EARTH'S environmentally-responsible ethos from the conservation of the earth to the preservation of the ocean.

So in the spirit of giving and with Mother's Day coming up, I thought I would give a set away, follow the steps below to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I love to splurge on my bathroom basics and I sure hope that I've encouraged you to do the same. Don't miss out on this opportunity to spoil yourself or your mum, because let's face all of our hands could do with a little love!

**Disclaimer 2

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Well hello, happiness on a plate is all that I can say! If you have never heard of THE STACKED DINER in Cape Town on Kloof street ... you do not know what you have been missing!
I recently got together with a girlfriend of mine for a bit of a nosh and chat. I have become somewhat renowned amongst my friends for finding great little eateries that are a delight for both chatting and munching at the same time.


So what makes this food joint unique you may ask? Well, it serves three of my favourite foods!
1. Stacks of light and fluffy buttermilk crumpets (pancakes for our American friends)
2. Stacks of potato rosti with poached eggs (new on the menu)
3. Milkshakes which are hand churned

I believe the burgers are to die for too, but I'll have to get back to you on that one ... what I can say is that I saw the mince meat being delivered and their burger patties must be home made ... yummo!


When Hayls and I got the menu we could not decide what we wanted to eat, so we settled for sharing and the ability to experience both stacks and not miss out!

Option 1: The 5 Stack of original buttermilk crumpets, with bacon and maple syrup on the side.
To say that this was heavenly is an understatement, they are the lightest and fluffiest crumpets ever!
Option 2: The potato rosti with poached eggs and sour cream
Again these were golden, crispy and crunchy, they were drizzled with sour cream and the poached eggs were done to perfection. Do be warned however that this is a stack of four rosti's and it is filling. 
Did I mention I will be back for these again ....sooner rather than later?
All in all, we had great service and the food was awesome. I must mention however that there are steps, door frames all over and the restaurant is not really wheelchair friendly.

The inside of the restaurant is enclosed and can get quite noisy, so in summer you might want to opt for the outside courtyard area if you can. It is a tiny outdoor space and also the space for smokers sadly.
If you are looking for a quaint little diner with great food and great prices, give this place a try it's well worth it!

** This is not a sponsored post

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Learning to love oneself is easier said than done, in fact, I have come to believe that may even be an unattainable myth! 

Let me explain! I have spent my life trying to be what is perceived to be a 'normal' size, having struggled with my weight from as early as I can remember, it is really hard to understand what an average sized body looks and feels like ... especially when it requires zero effort to achieve or maintain for some. Yet, for others ... we have never seen our hip bones ... and no that is not an exaggeration!

Your weight and your health

The last two years of my health have been an absolute rollercoaster. I have lost approximately 27kg's and have since regained 18kg's not even a year later. Never mind anything else, that alone makes me want to kick and stomp my feet, have a rabid tantrum and throw in the towel! But before you pooh pooh me and tell me all I have done wrong ... maybe just listen a little.

You see I followed a really strict diet for 6 months and managed to maintain my weight for 6 months until my body decided to go out of whack again. I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was doing my best to manage my condition but then my body threw me a curve ball. I developed Leaky Gut Syndrome and as a result, my body is not absorbing my nutrients and vitamins. This progressed my Chronic Fatigue to a stage 4 and the diagnosis Fibromyalgia. This meant my hormones are fluctuating, pain and inflammation have become a constant companion and fatigue ... well, let's just say insomnia is now a regular occurrence.

So yes, your weight can be chronically affected by:
- hormonal changes
- lack of sleep
- diet
- exercise
- leptin resistance

Making peace with me

I am not looking for sympathy, but what I am trying to share is that even after losing my weight, when I looked the best I had looked in 15 years ... I still did not love myself or my body. 

Do we ever really make peace with ourselves and how we look? The fact that some of us have calves that could kickstart a Boeing and some of us have none? The fact that some of us have bellies, some have butts and some have them all at once.

So after all my ramblings, my point is that it's not my weight that makes me not like me, it's the desire to be anything but me! How cheeky is that? God made us in His own image and here I am saying it's not good enough because I want to beautiful in the eyes of "man". I wish I could say my revelation has brought about a change but in all honesty, it is a journey and whilst I am still uncomfortable in my body I am trying to regain my health. I will lose the weight again and I have discovered a passion for helping others who are also struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and illness.

Let's do this together, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section (no trolls or spam please).