Thursday, March 16, 2017

Every time I reflect on the years I have been working with Revlon, my mind wanders back to a rather intimate 'date night' we as media once had with them. It was shared with us how Revlon truly do listen to your (joe publics) feedback. The team shared how they had added foundation colours unique to our country. How make-up textures and colours had been adapted to suit your needs according to your feedback ... yes, it's true, your voice is actually heard!

So it's really great news when I see new blush shades added to their range because the feedback and idea could only have come from you!

First up is a brand new addition to the REVLON SOUTH AFRICA fold, it is a great twist-up blush stick, making it perfect for when you are on the go.

The new REVLON INSTA-BLUSH is a sheer, blendable stick designed for use anytime and anywhere.
The blush comes in 4 colour variations namely:
- Rose Gold Kiss (for fair skins)
- Candy Kiss (for light skins)
- Nude Kiss (for medium tone skins)
- Berry Kiss (for dark skin tones)

Retails for R220 and it should be available now!

I must say the colour deposit of this product is not as intense as I expected. However, it is buildable, and I actually love all four shades. I personally find the REVLON INSTA-BLUSH to be a great option for my make-up bag, mainly because I have a bad habit of shattering my compressed powder blushes. I personally tested the Candy Kiss and loved as an option for winter.

There is also the new colour additions to the more traditional REVLON POWDER BLUSH, a small and convenient compact for both home and handbag. What makes the new range great is that it now comes in 3 finishes, namely Matte, Shimmer, and Satin.
While nothing new to the Revlon range the REVLON POWDER BLUSH is a soft and buildable micro powder with a colour to suit any complexion.
The new colours variations are:
Matte - Rosy Rendezvous, Bronze Beauty
Shimmer - Dare to Bare, Ravishing Rose
Satin - Orchid Charm

Retails for R239.00 and it should be available now!

I must be honest and say I was super happy to see that my all time favourite Tickled Pink is still around, but the RAVISHING ROSE that I tested is a lovely soft pink for those more natural make-up days.

While many still think of Revlon as a 'drug-store' brand, I will always use their blush, mascara, and foundation ... these are my trusted beauty staples, and they never disappoint!

Revlon is available at select leading retailers and pharmacies.

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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Often dental care is overlooked as a cause of bad breath and health conditions, and yet it has been proven in studies that Gingivitis can be linked to many a health concern.

Bad breath, also known as halitosis or oral malodour, often you don't know that you have it because let's face it, it is hard to smell one's own breath. The best way to check is to ask a family member or close friend for an honest opinion. Alternatively, there is the strange option, but one which the experts over at IVOHEALTH recommend:

"Lick your wrist, starting from the back of the tongue to the tip. Allow the saliva to dry for 10 seconds and then smell the area for any unpleasant odour."

Brushing your teeth has more importance than just simply giving you a bright white smile, it proves that the theory that the body and mind are linked. Your bad breath may be your body trying to tell you something.

Dental Care for good health

Good oral hygiene and oral health can improve your overall health, reducing the risk of serious disease especially as science have now linked inflammation to many life-threatening illnesses.

After starting to work with the group of functional medicine doctors that I work for, I was shocked to discover that Gingivitis and bleeding gums are cause for major concern. In fact, they are often associated with the development of cardiovascular problems such as heart disease, blockages of blood vessels, and strokes.

Basic oral hygiene

Experts stop short of saying that maintaining oral health can help protect overall health, so where do you start?

My basic oral hygiene routine has always included the following:

Brush correctly twice a day for at least two minutes each time, where possible use an egg timer or stopwatch. Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to clean gently under the gum line. Don’t brush too hard as this can damage gums. Use a soft, small toothbrush and replace it at least every three months.

I love the Sunstar GUM toothbrushes and this Technique+ is a lovely soft bristled brush, it comes with a cover and an easy to hold ribbed rubber grip. 
I personally enjoy a tooth whitening toothpaste, and I find the Sunstar GUM OriginalWhite toothpaste a great option, it does not sensitize my teeth at all. It is not as mint as I personally like but it does leave your mouth feeling fresh and your teeth beautifully clean.

When it comes to mouthwash, I have always shied away from it, mainly because of the alcohol content which I just never enjoyed. The Sunstar GUM OriginalWhite mouthwash has 0% alcohol, it cleanses the mouth, gently whitens and leaves the mouth refreshed. I especially find this to be a significant step to sterilize the mouth and help with stains from coffee, tea, and beetroot.

These are my top three steps to basic oral hygiene and the minimum that any of us should do to prevent gum disease and/or bleeding gums.

Watch this space as I bring you the next level in mouth care!

I purchase all my Sunstar GUM products from my local Dischem and you can get yours there too!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yes, I am the crazy cat lady, I love my kitties as they are my children, my companions and the cuddliest critters ever.

Your cats are what you make them

So many people have said to me your cats are unique, I have never seen cats like yours before! Why? Well because my cats are not aloof and distant but rather thrive on love and cuddles.

You see cats are often misunderstood, yes, they all have their own personalities, and some may not be as cuddly as others. The trick is to love them as THEY ARE! Do not try to change your cat's personality, just love them differently. It's also always important not to try and modify the laws of nature, in other words, the pecking order. If you have more than one kitty always honor the 'top cat'. In other words, the oldest of the pack, feed him/her first, greet that cat first when you get home and pay adequate attention to him/her.

So here are a few of my tips, I am no 'kitty whisperer, ' but all I can say is that my cats are the envy of many, and I know given half a chance people would be happy to take them off my hands ... not happening #JustSaying
So here are my kitty love rules in my home:

Give them love
So my cats as I have mentioned love to be hugged. I have made it my policy to give them love from when they are teeny tiny, also whenever they ask for it, no matter how inconvenient (yes, even on the toilet). Cats have a way of wanting attention at the most unbelievable times, but to get affection, you need to give love when your kitty wants it. Have you ever felt rejection? Well, your cat never forgets rejection.

Show them who's boss
When your cats act out, show them who's boss. I am not saying abuse your cat, but I am saying a tap on the bum, a stern voice and talking to while looking your cat in the eyes (a dominant kitty behavior) ... this lets your cat know that you are the boss and serious!

Never, never, and I mean never abuse your cat's trust.

Devote your time and connect
When you get a minute take the time to cuddle and snuggle up to your pet, slowly break down barriers. From when they are young implement things such as checking their teeth, checking between the pads of their feet, their ears or even blowing the occasional 'zerbit/sherbet' on their tummies (yes, I do this, and it is possible if your cat trusts you.

My cats have different places they allow me to tickle and I respect this, but it is always a breeze taking them to the vet or administering meds because of this advice.

They will test you
Like children, your kitties will test your patience, your authority, and your rules BUT always show them who the boss is. Like children cats need to know who is in charge, but that they are still loved.

Talk kitty
This is important, cats respond to sound. Speak in soft dulcet tones, whisper behind their ears, call with cutesy pet names and change your tone for your different kitties. Cats are not unlike humans they want to feel loved as individuals, they thrive on sweet nothings whispered into their ears.

So there you have it my #CrazyCatLady house rules that keep me in regular cuddles and covered in fur ... not that I'm complaining.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Now it's not very often I open a hair product get blown away and then want to go shower just to see what it does ... yep, that's what RetailBox's  #RBSecretBox#32 did to me!


Let me explain ...
first of all, if you are familiar with JOICO, you will know and understand what an amazing brand they are (Joico K-Pak Mask is a long time favorite). From the texture and smell of the product to the way your hair feels afterward ... it's just awesome! Now marry that with the most beautiful mermaid electric blue colored shampoo and you'll also want to run off and shower.

The RetailBox #RBSecretbox #32 consist of a JOICO COLOUR BALANCE BLUE KIT 
for R265 ( a massive R295 saving!!)

This product is ideal for those who tend to have yellow or brassy undertones in their hair, dark blonde, brunette hair and copper tones too.

So here's a little breakdown for you ...

The JOICO COLOUR BALANCE BLUE SHAMPOO is suited to dark blonde, dark brunette, brassy or copper undertones. It acts as a colour corrector for overly warm tones while cleansing and protecting each and every strand of hair. It features a Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex as well as an Advanced Peptide Complex to restore true colour to coloured and highlighted hair. This product will help extend the life of your hair colour and leave your hair feeling soft and silky.

I adore the fragrance, my hair feels great, and that orange (thanks to my Scottish heritage) is quickly taken care of. The shampoo itself is the most amazing electric blue colour ... so pretty!

Again the JOICO COLOUR BALANCE BLUE CONDITIONER features the Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex as well as an Advanced Peptide Complex to restore true colour to coloured and highlighted hair. The product itself is more purple in colour and of course has a great creamy texture without being too heavy. I found that my hair felt soft cared for and my frizz was minimised substantially.

Again this is another great smelling winner in my books!
If you know what's right for you don't miss out, the deal is open, and these won't last long ...

Heck, at this price you are all but getting one bottle free!

SHOP NOW:  Click on here - #RBSecretbox #32 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's day is always a bittersweet day for me. It reminds me of my young love and spoils, it reminds of my personal belief ' that love can heal all wounds,' it reminds me of God's unfailing love, but it also reminds me of how long I have been walking a single life.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not am not a blubbering mascara mess, but I do long for the day when I can happily look forward to a love-filled Valentine's day. In the meantime, I found some truly lovely ways to distract myself this Valentine's day by spreading the love a little.

Here are 3 of my favorite Valentine's spoils:

Show your kitties some love by purchasing their favorite Hill's kibble and get a free food storage bin! From 6 February 2017 – while stocks last - you will receive a FREE* Goodie Foodie Bin when purchasing select bags of HILL'S SCIENCE PLAN, Ideal Balance, and Prescription Diet.

Buy 2 x bags of Hill’s Feline Science Plan, Ideal Balance or Prescription Diet to get a small 5kg Foodie Bin. Valid on bags sized between 2.7kg and 6.8kg.

The storage bins are more fun than ever with a FREE sticker pack and chalk label to personalize your pets’ foodie bin especially for them!

These pet goodie foodie bins are the ultimate storage solution which will not only help you keep your pet food fresher for longer, it will assist in keeping your home neat and tidy too!


So I have decided that today is about love and happy vibes and nothing makes a gal feel more alive than a bright lippy ... right?

The Avon scientists have developed the ultimate fusion of pure matte ingredients, Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick strikes the perfect balance between 100% matte finish and lasting, wearable comfort with no compromises.

Keep lips defined and sculpted hour after hour and best of all, it's  backed by the Avon True Promise.

Today I am wearing my AVON PERFECTLY MATTE LIPSTICK, for the morning I chose a color with a hint of Coral known as VIBRANT MELON, and for tonight I chose a color with a pink hue called ELECTRIC PINK. I love the staying power of these lipsticks and the great value for money.

I love a sale, who doesn't right! Well, my friends over at Retail Box are once again hosting a site-wide sale, don't miss out you'll be sorry! What are you waiting for ... runnn!

Also not to be missed is the launch of the Retail Box Secret Box #32 it's goes on sale today and for just R265 it has the most amazing full sized products REVIEW LATER TODAY!

So no matter what your HEART begets, come spoil yourself a little!


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Friday, February 03, 2017

Have you ever noticed how in spam emails, call center calls and other digital platforms that people tend to refer to a woman as dear? Well although it is meant to be polite or whatever ... I hate it, no loathe it! I am not your dear!

Address me by my name, not by some generic word that is usually used as an intro in a business letter, come on people! Let me explain ...
Being 42 and a single, divorced Christian woman is not the easiest place to be. I have been on my own for nearly 7 years now, and in that time I have done my personal reflection, my soul searching and even my healing. The problem is basically just because I am ready for a relationship does not mean that there are a wealth of men available 'out there'.

Friends have been praying for me for years and well still nothing, now don't get me wrong I fully trust in God's timing even though I may throw the occasional tantrum and 'why me' pity storm ... and then promptly get over it. But, many friends have looked at me skeptically for not putting myself 'out there' ... you know making myself available.

So to please the skeptics and eliminate the age old 'how can you tell if you haven't tried' I put myself 'out there.' I joined a Christian offline dating site and went on a few dates. Initially, my heart would start racing; I would think 'what am I doing?' Later, the adrenaline subsided, while I must be honest and say I was happy that guys were interested in meeting me, nothing came of any of them actually.

I did, however, realize that I come across as a strong woman, a busy woman and maybe even a bit aloof ... but you see a wounded heart and a lack of trust will do funny things. I don't blame these guys for not taking it further ... heck, there was only one whom I would have considered dating.

So equipped this new found info, I succumbed to pressure once again and joined Tinder ... yes, folks the 'T' word. I downloaded the app and had to learn all about swiping right or left and then had to sit back and wait. It was interesting, to say the least with quite a few hits, again I was surprised ... that is until I realized many of them were weirdoes. I got everything from guys claiming to work on oil rigs and visiting 'Kuruman' as a holiday destination (really? who does that?), to a man named Michael who freaked out when I asked him to call me by my name and not dear! (yes, there it is again!)
Long story short, it's going to be another Valentine's Day spent with my two kitties (the men in my life), and I have come to the conclusion that it's up to God and only God now! Yes, it's a tough choice, and it sure get's lonely sometimes, but at least I'm not filled with false hope, weirdoes and feeling inadequate.

So please to all the nay-sayers I have tried, I am not interested and please don't call me dear! 

Thursday, February 02, 2017

There was a time where wearing glasses came with the stigma of being a 'nerd' or 'uncool', nowadays  glasses have become rather iconic.

We have seen the rise of fashion houses and with that came the addition of accessories in the form of both sunglasses and reading glasses. Sadly, not all of us are able to afford the gorgeous Armani, Gucci, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren's. Great news though, there is fabulous online store called GlassesShop.Com which I discovered. They have a huge selection of both sunglasses, reading glasses as well as prescription sunglasses and all at affordable prices.

Glasses from GlassesShop.Com affordable style for your eyes

So how can you shop for your eyeglasses and prescription glasses online?
1. Visit
2. Choose your preferred style
3. If they are prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, indicate RX and PD (pupillary distance)
4. Enter your details, pay and wait for them to arrive (in South Africa it can take up to 8 weeks)

So as you can see above my purchase from GlassesShop.Com was a gorgeous pair of transparent brown glasses with the most beautiful floral design running down the sides. I am really blown away by the service I received, the ease of ordering and the quality of the product I received ... despite our shocking postal system here in South Africa.

Here's 4 reasons why I will shop again:
1. The product is a quality product
2. The glasses are true to order (what you see, truly is what you get)
3. The amazing selection of frames, it's mind blowing!
4. The packaging, the product is beautifully wrapped and encased keeping it safe both in transit and in your bag.

So truly there is no need to make a spectacle of yourself, choose your eye wear to suit your outfit! If that isn't temptation enough, the kind people over at GlassesShop.Com have given me a special coupon code just for you!

GSHOT50 for you to include in your post.This code means that you can have 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).
** open to my readers worldwide

Go on peeps spoil yourself a little it's not everyday you get an offer like this! 

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

So this year started off with a challenge for me, it turns out not only has my Chronic Fatigue worsened but it is now more or less Fibromyalgia.

It seems that my gut is giving me the run around (excuse the pun) with constant upsets, and worse yet it is not absorbing all my nutrients. The result of which is the degeneration of my health as mentioned above.

For those who know the joy of not being constantly tired and drained to the bone ... enjoy every day! You do not know the value of an energy-fueled, pain-free day until it is gone. While sufferers like myself with Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia struggle to just get out of bed and have to make a conscious decision to fight this unseen disorder over and over again!
I recently went to have myself checked out when I realized all was not well. I was attended to by the most awesome Dr. Graham Duncombe a doctor at Health Renewal part of the Renewal Institute; he is the kindest and most gentle spirited man. After countless tests amounting to about R3400 (gulp, sheesh) we were able to pinpoint why I am so exhausted all the time. Why despite constant exercise my fitness levels and muscles never improve and worst of all why my body aches, I can't sleep and have started gaining weight despite my best efforts.

Life is not an easy journey, but when it comes to your health, it is important to get to the root of a problem, no matter what the cost (and no, I am not on Medical Aid). 

Invest in yourself and do your damnedest to get better. I have now been put on a low GI gut restoring diet along with many changes in my supplements, and my weight loss is on hold but most of all I just want my energy back.

Here are a few vital supplements if you suffer from Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia to help limit inflammation and support your body:
- Vitamin D
- Omega 3
- Curcumin
- Green Coffee Bean
- CoQ10
- Devils Claw & Celery Seed
- Pre and probiotics
- Adrenal support

You can find most of these at Health Renewal branches.

I apologize for my long absence, but I will slowly get back into the swing of things I am sure.

I am looking at starting a blog about coping with Chronic Fatigue/Adrenal Fatigue/ Fibromyalgia, would you be interested in reading this? I am looking at lifestyle tips, symptoms, supplements, recipes and more. Do please let me know?

Have a super day x x

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